Our systems and solutions are always tailored to the specific needs of the humidification and/or evaporative cooling area, taking into account technical, feasibility, operational and economic requirements. The systems we implement are highly scalable at component level and can be adapted to changing business circumstances. All our systems are characterized by a high degree of automation, low maintenance and high reliability.

High pressure atomization

Low maintenance

Drop-free operation

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Central Equipment

Mist generators developed by Ditusz Ltd. are microcomputer-controlled pump devices whose function is to provide high-pressure water (75-100 bar) to the misting units. Due to the operating principle of the mist generators, they can cope with extremely variable water demand and always provide as much high-pressure water as needed for the current misting requirement. High pressure is essential for a perfect spray pattern, extremely rapid and efficient evaporation, all requiring microscopic spraying.


Central controller

The Ditusz Central Controller (DCC) is a microcomputer, being the main control element of the humidification system. The DCC is networked with the other components of the humidification system via communication lines. The DCC also processes the measured data.


Zone controller

The Zone Controllers are installed in the center of the humidification zones. They are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors and are networked with the Central Controller.


Humidification units

Depending on the nature of the task and your needs, we build our systems with a variety of humidification units. We use traditional axial fan, tangential fan, direct injection, linear spray and misting ring solutions. In all cases, the aim is to ensure the most efficient misting and a uniform spray pattern.



In the case of humidification and mist cooling systems, nozzles are the devices that ensure the atomization of the high-pressure water to the air. Only the best quality nozzles are used to produce the most perfect spray pattern. All nozzles are fitted with built in filters for clog-free operation. Their lifetime is extremely long thanks to the stainless-steel materials and the ruby insert design to withstand high pressure loads.


Water treatment

Ensuring adequate water quality is a prerequisite for efficient humidification and evaporative cooling. The local conditions and the quality of the available water will determine the extent of additional purification required for the misting application. This avoids floating contaminants, excessive dissolved solids content or undesirable chemical composition and chemistry entering the system and blowing out.


Mobile humidification

We offer our humidification and mist cooling systems not only as pre-installed, built-in solutions. In many cases, they should only be used on a temporary basis, in changing locations, or in places where fixed installation is not possible.

We also offer a compact solution for such needs. The mobile device we have developed is extremely quick to deploy, automated in operation and maintenance free. It also operates at high pressure for perfect evaporation, which is essential for drip and water free operation. The devices are available for rent and for purchase.


Humidity tent

The emergencies of epidemics affecting the world economy and society have increased the need for a clean and sanitized environment, with a safe, effective, value for money and easy to use solution. To this end, we have developed, together with our partner Ecowian Ltd., a manufacturer of environmentally friendly disinfectant. The tent incorporates an optimised version of our humidification system, which has been tried and tested in countless places, with a dispenser that allows the active ingredient to be mixed into the sprayed water mist


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