In the case of humidification and mist cooling systems, nozzles are the devices that ensure the atomization of the high-pressure water to the air. Only the best quality nozzles are used to produce the most perfect spray pattern. All nozzles are fitted with built in filters for clog-free operation. Their lifetime is extremely long thanks to the stainless-steel materials and the ruby insert design to withstand high pressure loads.

Perfect scatter pattern

Drop-free operation



The single-phase nozzles directly spray high pressure clean water. There are no complicated multi-phase bypasses, no moving parts and no other auxiliary equipment. The clean water produced by the appropriate level water treatment system is blown out directly.

As a result, energy requirements are also extremely low, requiring only the power needed to drive the high pressure pump.

+ Plug-free
+ Mechanical filters
+ Germ-free operation due to continuous overpressure
+ Maintenance-free

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