Heat stress is a growing problem in poultry farms. On the hottest summer days, existing ventilation systems often struggle to prevent mortality. High ambient temperatures lead to poorer growth rates, reduced egg yields and, in extreme cases, mortality.

The body temperature of most birds should remain very close to 41 C, if it exceeds this the bird may die. In Hungary, outdoor temperatures of more than 30°C for long periods of time are becoming increasingly common.  If the air temperature in poultry houses reaches this level, the birds may be under considerable heat stress, the ambient temperature should be monitored continuously.

For poultry farmers, evaporative cooling (mist cooling) dramatically reduces mortality rates. Fowl spared heat stress eat and grow longer, and hens lay more and better-quality eggs.

Controlled temperature

Efficient air exchange

Water-free humidification and cooling


High pressure poultry misting fans produce microscopic water droplets that evaporate instantly. These mist droplets literally attach themselves to odours and particles in the air, effectively trapping odours and dust. This benefits birds as well as facility workers. In addition, insects don’t like flying in fog, so it also effectively keeps these poultry pests away.

Not every animal facility or conditions are the same, so each project requires a unique design to ensure the best cooling environment. We will work with you to design the most efficient evaporative cooling system to meet your needs. To maintain a cool, dry and comfortable environment, our technology continuously and evenly distributes the mist.

Benefits :
+ A dry, cool and comfortable environment for your animals
+ Cleaner air, no unpleasant odours
+ Less irritation by keeping flies and other insects away
+ Better appetite and faster growth
+ Reduced susceptibility to disease

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