Central equipment

Mist generators developed by Ditusz Ltd. are microcomputer-controlled pump devices whose function is to provide high-pressure water (75-100 bar) to the misting units. Due to the operating principle of the mist generators, they can cope with extremely variable water demand and always provide as much high-pressure water as needed for the current misting requirement. High pressure is essential for a perfect spray pattern, extremely rapid and efficient evaporation, all requiring microscopic spraying.

For a complete humidification system, requiring high availability and operational safety, Ditusz developed cluster connected redundant mist generators. Each mist generator in the cluster contains a high-pressure pump unit with a given liter per minute capacity. Due to cluster connection, the capacities of the mist generators can add up if required. During operation, if the current water demand exceeds the capacity of one mist generator, the others automatically activate and provide the necessary additional water volume. Within the cluster, the Central Controller (Ditusz Central Controller, DCC) ensures the load balancing of individual mist generators (PGs)

With this solution, the service cycle of mist generators (balanced operating hours) occurs at nearly the same time, and a significant advantage is that it makes the system redundant.

Operational safety and continuous production sustainability are important considerations everywhere. With the cluster solution, if one mist generator fails for any reason, the other immediately takes over its function, keeping the system operational.

High pressure atomization

Low maintenance

Drop-free operation


The mist generator engineering is always designed to have sufficient reserve capacity for integrating additional areas to be humidified into the system in the future.

The built-in microcomputer program of mist generators supports flushing of the high-pressure pipeline, ensuring that stagnant or stagnant water is not sprayed. During the pipeline flushing cycle, the water drains into the drainage channel.

The mist generator cluster group contains a UV filter of appropriate capacity, which ensures sterilization of the water to be sprayed.

Main components of the equipment:

– Pump unit
– Frequency converter with LCD display
– Hydraulic accumulator
– Low and high-pressure mechanical filters
– Control unit
– Operating hour counter
– UV filter


+ Pressure build-up optimized for large areas
+ Dry run protection
+ Overheating protection
+ Pressure drop indication
+ Protection against over-humidification
+ Water hammer damping
+ Automatic system flushing function

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