The emergencies of epidemics affecting the world economy and society have intensified the need for a clean and disinfected environment, requiring a safe, effective, value for money and easy to use solution.

To this end, we have developed, together with our partner Ecowian Ltd., a manufacturer of environmentally friendly disinfectant active ingredients, this easy-to-use, anywhere set-up mist mat. The tent incorporates an optimised version of our humidification system, which has been tried and tested in countless places, with a dispenser that allows the active ingredient to be mixed into the sprayed water mist.

Germ extraction, disinfection

Harmless to health

Easy to install


The device is mounted on a commercially available so-called pop-up tent structure to keep costs as low as possible. A key requirement in the design of the structure was that it should be easy to assemble and install, but also simple to transport and relocate, or store if required.

When folded, the tent can be easily transported in a car.

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