During the hot summer months, the terraces of restaurants and cafés are the most popular with guests. But when the temperature reaches 30°C or more, these terraces are almost unenjoyable without cooling. To retain guests and extend “patio hours” during the heatwave, mist cooling is an effective solution.

Significant cooling effect

Higher terrace-time count

Drop-free operation


Terrace cooling systems from Ditusz Ltd. provide an efficient, aesthetic, quiet, professional solution for catering establishments. Our fan-assisted and linear spray systems have been popular for many years. They can significantly reduce the temperature on patios and outdoor areas by up to 5-10 degrees in the summer heat, increase the exclusivity of your areas and provide a unique service by cooling the outdoors, as well as keeping insects away and providing cleaner air. They also significantly filter dust and unpleasant odours.

Our mobile equipment can also be rented on request.

Advantages :
+ Local cooling up to 5-10 C
+ Guest retention, attraction
+ Significant increase in revenue, increase in terrace hours
+ Exclusivity
+ Cleaner air, free of dust and unpleasant odors

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