Mushrooms are known to prefer, or even require, a humid, moist environment. The most abundant yields can be achieved with a strictly controlled humidity. During the growing period the ideal humidity is 85%, but after the fruiting period they require a minimum of 70-80% humidity ( depending on the variety ). They like a humid environment, but do not like direct watering, so the Ditusz high pressure Agro systems are ideal, as they are drip-free and have over-humidification protection. The water particles, sprayed at over 100 bar in pulse mode at microscopic sizes, do not cause wetting.

In addition to humidity, keeping the ideal temperature within the right range is essential for proper development. It is also necessary to ensure a minimum temperature of 15°C in winter and it is not advisable to let the temperature go above 22°C in summer.  In winter, heating is a relatively simple way to generate the right amount of heat, but during this period the humidity of the cold air outside is extremely low due to the moisture retention capacity of the cool air. At such times, the use of our humidification systems will help to produce and deliver the required amount of humidity.

Continuous air exchange

Temperature control

Wetting-free operation


In the increasingly frequent summer heat, air conditioning of mushroom houses of up to several hundred square meters is a difficult and costly task. In hot weather, one of the beneficial side effects of humidification, which is necessary anyway to protect against heat and dehumidification, is that evaporation removes heat from the environment, reducing the ambient temperature by up to 6-10 degrees Celsius, which can result in significant energy savings.

Benefits :
+ Higher yields
+ Cleaner air due to the elimination of dust, odours, harmful substances and spores
+ Automatic humidity control based on plant cycle + Disinfection

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