There are many places where temperature reduction is needed where conventional cooling solutions are either not feasible or too expensive. For cooling larger spaces, even partially open spaces, professional evaporative cooling is an excellent and environmentally friendly solution.

Significant cooling effect

Significant cost reduction

Fresh air

Industrial vapor cooling application area download PDF (Hungarian)

Climate tuning

For property operators in many areas (manufacturing halls, commercial units, office buildings, etc.), dealing with the increasingly frequent heat-related problems in summer is a major challenge.

Older and often undersized cooling and air conditioning equipment is not equipped to cope with this. As a result, these systems are often operating at peak loads, which means a significant additional energy and cost, as well as operational risk.


Hall cooling

In some areas of industrial production and service units , especially in the summer, heat is a major problem, leading to machine downtime and consequently to loss of production and higher scrap rates.  Mist cooling could be a solution to reduce production losses and scrap rates.


Cooling at workplace

Ensuring that employees working in a hot workshop environment have adequate working conditions requires cooling of the work area. Environment Health and Safety (EHS) regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, with detailed requirements set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Above a certain temperature, hourly breaks are mandatory, and work cannot continue if the temperature is persistently high. This can result in lost working time and therefore lost income, and reduced productivity.


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