Due to climate change, heat is becoming more common in greenhouses in the summer. The regular high temperatures and low humidity cause farmers to suffer significant losses. By using our high-pressure humidification system to maintain ideal humidity levels, higher yields can be achieved with less irrigation. The year-round stable microclimate reduces pesticide

Economical operation

Efficient cooling

Controlled humidity

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Greenhouse humidification

By using our high pressure humidification system, to maintain ideal humidity levels with mist cooling, higher yields can be achieved. A stable microclimate all year round reduces the need for crop protection products and ensures more efficient spraying, all with less irrigation.


Cold store humidification

Warmer air evaporates moisture from any surface, including the product itself. This leads to weight loss of products. Weight loss can be as much as 20%. The loss of moisture content can also cause distortion of the plant cells, affecting the appearance, quality and shelf life of the produce, all of which reduce the value of the stock.


Mushroom house humidification

Mushrooms are known to prefer, and even require, a humid, moist environment. The most abundant yields can only be achieved under strictly controlled humidity conditions. The ideal humidity during the growing season is at least 85%, but mushrooms also require a minimum of 70-80% humidity after emergence ( this is of course species dependent ).


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