Why doesn’t high-pressure misting technology "water" the environment?

If water is atomized at a sufficiently high pressure – at least 70 bar pressure – and sprayed through appropriately small nozzles into the air, then the water disperses into microscopic (typically a few nanometers) droplets. These droplets evaporate rapidly upon contact with air, so that only evaporated water remains 1-2 meters away from the nozzle. What evaporates, no longer humidifies its surroundings. Low-pressure solutions do not provide satisfactory results, as the droplets created are not small enough, and thus the sprayed water does not have time to evaporate before it falls to the ground

Why is operating high-pressure atomization humidification and cooling economically viable?

High-pressure atomization humidification and mist cooling are extremely efficient solutions both in terms of their effectiveness and energy balance. Mist cooling is highly efficient because evaporation can remove a significant amount of heat from the environment. The cooling effect of one nozzle is more than 2 kW, which is the amount of heat extracted from the environment, effectively cooling it. This quantity is equivalent to the performance of a conventional wall-mounted air conditioner. Using this method for mist cooling or humidification is economical because the electrical energy required for atomization is negligible compared to the heat energy extracted from the environment (only 1-2%); in other words, only the electrical power for the motor and pump needs to be provided, while the difference is provided by the physical process of evaporation. Due to their simple operating principle and construction (pulse operation), the installation, operation, and maintenance costs of these solutions are a fraction of those of traditional air conditioning solutions.

Why is the system clog-free?

High-pressure water atomization through specialized nozzles can operate without clogging if no foreign or unwanted substances enter the system either from the inside or outside. Generally, at least drinking water quality and as low water hardness as possible are required for this. The nozzles could clog due to limescale, so minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) need to be removed from the water before atomization. This is achieved by using water softening equipment. Depending on customer demand and usage, we can even produce ultra-pure (UPW) water. Regarding external factors, due to the continuous internal pressure and the use of filter cartridges, no external contamination can enter the system.

Can the solution accommodate varying water demands?

During humidification and mist cooling, environmental parameters are constantly changing. This means that maintaining a specific humidity level requires intermittent and varying amounts of sprayed water. This is especially true where multiple zones, i.e., areas with different humidity or cooling requirements, need to be treated. Our systems can handle this, the mechanical solutions of Ditusz Ltd. can supply varying water demands with high-pressure water even with just a single high-pressure pump unit. We call these types of mechanical solutions “humidifiers.” Whether the current water demand involves using just one nozzle or all of them simultaneously, the humidifier scales its own capacity automatically to match the desired water demand. Flexible water demand servicing represents a significant advantage compared to operating solely in pump mode. Our solutions are sufficiently robust and dimensioned to handle any level of water demand without any issues.

What is the cooling effect of misting?

Misting has a tremendous cooling effect. If we consider the environmental heat extraction due to the evaporation of water sprayed by a nozzle as cooling, then the cooling capacity of one nozzle is equivalent to that of a traditional split air conditioner indoor unit, which is about 2 kW of power. And we can use hundreds of such nozzles. The cooling capacity of 100 nozzles is already 200 kW, which is significant enough to enable cost-effective cooling of open spaces or very large indoor areas. Proper air exchange is essential for cooling large indoor spaces, which can be achieved with ventilation systems.

Does humidification pose any health risks?

High-pressure atomization humidification poses no health risks as long as we atomize water of appropriate purity and treatment. In addition to pre-filtration, Ditusz Ltd. employs germicidal UV filters in our equipment. Furthermore, our humidification systems are equipped with regular automatic flushing and cleaning functions. Thus, only completely clean, germ-free water is atomized, which poses no health risks whatsoever. On the contrary, maintaining proper humidity levels enhances human comfort and alleviates discomfort associated with dry mucous membranes. Moreover, humidification has been shown to purify the air by trapping airborne dust and other harmful substances through droplet deposition. Due to the continuous internal pressure of the system, no external pollutants or health-hazardous agents can enter from the outside.