Advanced self-diagnosis, planned reviews, high operational reliability

While we try to make our solutions as maintenance-free as possible to ensure continued usability, failures can still occur. The number of unexpected failures can be significantly reduced by adhering to the prescribed maintenance requirements for a given hour of operation, especially for consumable and wear parts.

In order to ensure that a complex technical system can operate as trouble-free as possible over a long period of time, it is essential that individual components are inspected, calibrated, repaired or replaced as necessary, at the intervals specified by the manufacturer.

Our systems are equipped with artificial intelligence-based failure prediction algorithms for certain key components. This greatly facilitates the predictability of operational safety, maintenance needs and ultimately the sustainability of production continuity. Along with real-time graphical monitoring and advanced alarm protocols, our equipment is also capable of some level of self-diagnostics and incident prediction.

Plannable maintenance cycles

Phone hotline support

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance Services

In addition to the warranty period, we offer our customers the possibility to benefit from a range of maintenance schemes. In each case, the type of contract is adapted to the customer’s needs, the possibilities and the complexity of the system deployed. The content of the maintenance services is described in detail in the contract and its annexes.

Types of maintenance contracts :
– Warranty
– Planned Contractual Maintenance (quarterly, half-yearly and annual periods)
– ad hoc maintenance

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