Cooling a large factory hall or warehouse is expensive. Ditusz’s FC industrial evaporative cooling systems have a wide range of blower units, always adapted to the right needs, which effectively reduce the temperature and, thanks to their economical operation, the energy consumption.

Our Individually designed  efficient industrial cooling systems are made of the best quality components, which, in addition to lowering the temperature, allow the control of humidity, dust, odour, harmful substances in warehouses, halls and plants. The installation of our industrial humidification systems creates a more comfortable and controlled environment, allowing production equipment to operate in optimal conditions. Properly installed humidification systems also reduce risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and the resulting potential risk of explosion and/or damage of electronic components

Our fans can blow cooled air up to 6-10 metres away, without dripping or wetting, ensuring perfect spraying pattern. As we also move the air by means of fan, the subjective temperature drop can be greater than the measurable 5 – 10 Cº . This has significant benefits for both the machines and the people working in the area.

Mist cooling fans are placed at a height of 2.5 – 3.0 meters, so that they move the air above the workers’ heads. This will also move the air around the workers, but without a draught effect, which will then sink down and cool the occupants in the area, providing a comfortable temperature feeling.

Significant cooling effect

Fresh air



The system also incorporates an automatic system flushing solution to prevent stagnant water in the pipework from being sprayed into the air during downtime. The automatic system flushes the stagnant water out of the pipework and rinses it after each switch-on, only then does the evaporative cooling start. In the pipe network washing cycle, waste water is discharged to the drain.
Human factor :

Benefits :

+ Economical cooling of large, even partially open spaces
+ Cleaner air, additional dust, odour and pollutant absorption
+ Prevention of electrostatic discharges, avoidance of explosion hazards
+ Less failure due to thermal stress
+ Less waste, production downtime + Pleasant working environment, higher concentration, fewer accidents
+ Energy savings
+ Anti-legionella

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