Ditusz Ltd’s Compact evaporative coolers provide users with an efficient, aesthetic and quiet solution. In hot summer days, they can significantly reduce temperatures by up to 6 – 10 C° due to the heat dissipation effect of evaporation. No wetting of the environment, combined with low running costs.It poses no health risk and can be used by people sensitive to conventional air conditioning.

Compact evaporative coolers are not only available for purchase, they can also be used on a rental basis. They can be used in warming workplaces, hotel and restaurant terraces, for presentations, corporate and other events and celebrations, and as a refreshment in the heat of the heatwave with a cool spring breeze.

Significant cooling effect

Cooling without wetting

Completely harmless to the general


Our Compact evaporative coolers are easy to move on wheels and can be deployed anywhere. To operate the equipment, water connection is required, which can be as simple as a quick-connect high-pressure hose. The units require a standard 230 V electrical connection. The fans can deliver cool air up to 5-7 meters away, with an oscillating movement of +/- 40 degrees, cooling an area of approximately 30-40 m² each.

Advantages :
+ Mobile design
+ Easy to install
+ Simple operation
+ Dust and odour trapping + Insect repellent + Exclusive
+ Energy saving, cost efficient,
+ environmentally friendly, emission-free solution

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