Real-time data processing, control and visualization

The need to collect, visualise and store production and manufacturing data is now a basic requirement in industry.

DITUSZ Ltd’s humidification and mist cooling equipment is equipped with data acquisition systems using the latest technological solutions. With the help of sensors placed in the production area, the central controller continuously collects the real-time data generated and then transmits and archives the information on the data warehouse server.

Based on the archived data, professional reports can be generated from the databases. These can either be scheduled on an event basis or shared manually with authorized users.

Continuous data backup

Secure data management

Real-time incident investigation


A primary concern in the development of our systems was the secure management of our customers’ production data. To this end, the data transmission and storage process is encrypted on multiple levels.

Data collection requires a live internet connection. Thanks to the use of our advanced data management protocol, we don’t have to worry about data loss in case of unexpected disconnection or unforeseen service outage. The central controller (DCC) is able to buffer the data (up to a certain limit) and resume data transmission when the connection is re-established.

Advantages :

+ Continuous backup of production data
+ Possibility of audit checks
+ Incident investigation logs

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