Humidification units

Depending on the nature of the task and your needs, we build our systems with a variety of humidification units. We use traditional axial fan, tangential fan, direct injection, linear spray and misting ring solutions. In all cases, the aim is to ensure the most efficient misting and a uniform spray pattern.

It is essential that each individual humidification device or group of devices could be sectioned from the rest of the system. In this way, a unit can be switched off/isolated from the system by a switch in the event of servicing or maintenance without disturbing the operation of the other units. This ensures a high level of system operability and safety.

Optimal dispersion

Drop-free operation

Maintenance-free operation


Humidification devices can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling, suspended or mounted on the columns of the hall. Thanks to its flexible positioning, we are able to adapt to the local conditions, so that we can provide the ideal spray pattern without compromise, using only the necessary number of devices.

Due to the design and high pressure operation, our misting units are highly efficient in injecting the mist into the air. Evaporating is almost instantaneous, ensuring drip-free operation. The units are made from the highest quality components and are therefore extremely quiet and low maintenance.

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