Water treatment

Ensuring adequate water quality is a prerequisite for efficient humidification and evaporative cooling. The local conditions and the quality of the available water will determine the extent of additional purification required for the misting application. This avoids floating contaminants, excessive dissolved solids content or undesirable chemical composition and chemistry entering the system and blowing out.

The water production process of the water treatment system is automatic, as are the auxiliary operations of the sub-assemblies. Intermittent intervention and handling is only required to start and stop the system and to prepare the chemicals (e.g. regeneration salt) required for operation.

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Process water treatment aims at producing a specific quality of industrial water from the available raw water.

The quality requirements for process water vary across sectors and the treatment is accordingly diverse. The water treatment process usually starts with the removal of suspended solids and/or iron manganese content.

The second step is to change (soften) or reduce the salinity of the pre-filtered water. The need for desalination varies from so-called partial desalination to high purity (virtually zero salinity – Ultra Pure Water UPW) water quality. The desalination technologies used are based on ion exchange and membrane separation processes (RO), often combined with complementary solutions such as membrane degassing, electrodeionisation, etc.

The purified water for our humidification systems is produced and installed by our strategic technology partner Hidrofilt Ltd., Hungary’s leading water treatment supplier.

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