For both consumers and retailers, it is important that fruit and vegetables for sale are displayed aesthetically and visibly on the counter. The customer will be more selective and satisfied. The trader can increase turnover and expect satisfied customers to return again.

However, displaying products, especially where the ambient is climate-controlled, will result in a steady loss of water content, weight, flavour, freshness, appearance and saleability. The loss can be as high as 5-10%. Commercial humidification can be a solution to this problem.

Weight loss reduction

Controlled humidity

Less loss


With Ditusz humidification systems, the weight loss due to natural evaporation of the plants can be compensated, and the crops can retain their freshness and tasty appearance for days longer. This significantly reduces the loss of quality due to spoilage.

After closing time, unsold stock does not have to be returned to the warehouse to be kept in the right conditions until opening. In addition to preventing weight loss, humidification also has a significant cooling effect and keeps insects away.

Benefits :
+ Keeping produce fresh
+ Significant reduction in shrinkage and weight loss
+ Fresh air around meat, fish counters and vegetable islands, odour retention
+ Increasing the efficiency of traditional existing refrigeration equipment
+ Can be used as supplementary refrigeration
+ Insect exclusion
+ Dust and odour reduction
+ Local cooling of non-climate controlled areas

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