Our design principles

We always try to design our humidification and mist cooling systems with the utmost care. In addition to assessing basic parameters – such as the desired humidity level, operating temperature range, water demand, air exchange data, water purity, the size and segmentation of the area to be humidified or cooled, etc. – we also pay great attention to the scalability of the technical solution to be developed. We design modular, scalable, and, if necessary, redundant systems to meet later emerging or changing needs.

Maintenance-free operation and easy maintainability are also important considerations, all serving the purpose of ensuring that production or manufacturing can be carried out continuously and reliably while complying with the necessary technological requirements.

Individual needs assessment

Professional consultation

Development of an optimal solution


Continuous and reliable operation is ensured by numerous proprietary custom technical solutions. We have implemented projects in numerous areas with more than 180 national and international references and installations. Based on these, we dare to assert that with our experience, we can provide professional and customer-oriented technical recommendations for almost any type of humidification and mist cooling task.

The development of the appropriate system is always the result of a consultative process. Precise preparation has a tremendous impact on the emerging technical content and expected costs. Many circumstances must be carefully considered during the planning phase, but if we can solve this together, success and mutual satisfaction are guaranteed.

Some of the factors significantly influencing the design process include:

– Size of the area to be humidified/cooled
– Desired humidity level
– Available water quality
– Required water purity
– Redundancy requirement
– Installation conditions (e.g., empty or occupied hall)
– Number of areas with different water needs
– Construction deadline

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