Central controller

The Ditusz Central Controller (DCC) is a microcomputer, being the main control element of the humidification system. The DCC is networked with the other components/microcontrollers of the humidification system (misting pump controllers and humidification zone controllers). The DCC also processes the measured data.

The humidification systems developed and manufactured by Ditusz Ltd are fully automatic. The networked zone controllers, receive the settings from the DCC. After parameterisation and setup, the zone controllers automatically controls the humidity level, using pulse mode misting in the zone. The system is modular, more zone controllers and mist pump controllers can be integrated to the network.

The DCC provides a WEB based real time remote monitoring console for system operation. The system operator has a comprehensive dashboard through which the status and settings of each zone, and the central equipment can be monitored in real time. With appropriate authorisation, it is also possible to set/change the configuration parameters.

Automated operation

Remote monitoring



The DCC also supports high pressure backbone pipework flushing, ensuring that stagnant, or possibly stagnant water would not be sprayed.

The remote monitoring system can store data indefinitely via Ditusz’s central data warehouse server, which is available as a separate service for a monthly fee.

The system provides email or SMS alerts on request, for predefined critical parameters.

– Top control element
– Processing of measured data
– Automatic control
– Remote monitoring
– Monitoring
– Wash cycle control, self cleaning
– Connection to data warehouse

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