Many manufacturing processes generate unwanted amounts of dust and harmful substances.  Humidification effectively traps and suppresses dust and odors, even in areas where the ventilation is problematic.


As a solution, an extremely fine mist is blown into the air by stainless steel fans, suppressing rising dust and harmful substances, preventing them from entering the air. Dust particles are attracted to the mist, causing them to settle, preventing them from remaining airborne. Floors, machinery and materials remain completely dry and staff can work in the mist without getting wet.

Dust, odour, harmful substance binding

Healthy working conditions

Additional cooling


– A Humidification System can provide dust containment for a larger, even partially open area or building. Each area is precisely controlled, with just the right amount of mist being discharged for the task at hand

– The systems use very little water and electricity. The system can also be supplied with an odour absorbing solution on request for even better performance

– All wetted components are made of stainless steel or non-ferrous materials to ensure corrosion-free operation, coupled with a long-lasting guarantee.

Applications :

– Outdoor binding,

– Waste treatment and processing

– Food waste

– Slaughterhouses

– Metal, wood, glass, paper, gypsum, cement, masonry production

– Metallurgy, etc.

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