In many cases, although there is a need for humidification or its cooling effect, it is not always possible to install a humidification system alongside existing machinery, production lines or other installed equipment.Where an air handling infrastructure is already in place, our humidification and mist cooling solutions can be installed and integrated with existing air handling systems.

Efficient solution for large air spaces

Controllable humidity

Harmless to health


In summer, ducted humidification is clearly an effective solution, as the humidification has an extra cooling effect. In this case, the humidification system’s humidity control and it’s cooling effects can be used together.

In the winter months, the cooling from humidification has to be compensated, but this is still a much lower cost than most humidification solutions.

+ Can be installed in an existing air handling system
+ Supplementary cooling in warm months
+ Extremely economical operation
+ Cleaner air
+ Completely harmless to health

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