By using our high pressure humidification system, to maintain ideal humidity levels with mist cooling, higher yields can be achieved. A stable microclimate all year round reduces the need for crop protection products and ensures more efficient spraying, all with less irrigation.

In glasshouse and greenhouse cultivation, according the literature and grower experience show that too high temperatures are not ideal for the plants, reducing nutrient uptake and causing plant death above critical temperatures.

In addition to avoiding the heat stress caused by increasingly hot summer growing seasons, it is also important to maintain the relative humidity of the air at an appropriate level. Ideally, this should average 75% (70-85%), but can be above 90% ≤ for mushrooms, for example. Failure to maintain these levels will result in a reduction in average yields and loss of revenue.

Temperature control

Efficient cooling

Significant cost savings


Ditusz Ltd’s Agro equipment has been developed for humidification and cooling of glass and foil houses. High pressure treated water is atomized to evaporate the water completely while humidifying and cooling the environment. The atomization system consists entirely of stainless steel components. The water is atomised using industrial high pressure pumps at pressures of 80-100 bar. There is no wetting, no dripping and our systems are also equipped with over-humidification protection.

Advantages :
+ Higher yields
+ Cleaner air due to dust, odour and pollutant absorption
+ Automatic humidity control based on crop cycle + Disinfection

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