Warmer air evaporates moisture from any surface, including the product itself. This leads to a reduction in the weight of the products. Weight loss can be as much as 20%.

The loss of moisture content can also distort the cells of the plants, affecting the appearance, quality and shelf life of the products, all of which reduce the value of the stock.

Optimum conditions will vary depending on the type of fruit, vegetable, flower or other food product being stored, but typically 95% relative humidity above freezing is required, but even product stored in warmer conditions can benefit from humidity around 75%. The required humidity is released directly into the air, evenly throughout the store.

Weight loss reduction

Controlled humidity

Economical operation


Many modern distribution warehouses operated by retail outlets and supermarket chains favour efficient humidification, as do chilled display cabinets and open counters, which help maintain product quality through the supply chain.

Advantages :
+ Less weight loss due to evaporation
+ Longer shelf life
+ Greater resistance to infections and fungi

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