The proliferation of the Internet and the use of cloud computing solutions has contributed to an increase in the design and construction of data centers. Large data centers generate a lot of heat and therefore require significant amounts of cooling energy.

Data centers and telecom sites need to be cooled 0-24 hours a day. Their optimum operating range is 24-28 ⁰C. They are usually cooled traditionally by industrial air conditioning. Unfortunately, this is the least energy-efficient solution, with a rather high electrical energy consumption. In the event of a power failure, cooling systems often need 4-6 minutes to restart, during which time servers can be easily damaged.

Significant cooling effect

Highly efficient cooling solution

Reduction of electrostatic discharges


Ditusz DC systems provide an efficient technological solution to this challenge. Our systems use the simplest, most stable and most energy efficient cooling method, evaporative cooling. Electricity is only needed to generate the high pressure required for evaporative cooling by the pump. To produce the cooling effect, the energy is extracted from the environment by the evaporative evaporation of the water vapour being blown out.

With the Ditusz DC evaporative cooling process, data centers can not only enjoy the cooling effect needed to stabilize the relative humidity, but also ensure the elimination of static electricity.

With Ditusz DC cooling and humidification installed in the data center, the reliability of computer equipment is increased, energy consumption is reduced, and thus the power usage efficiency (PUE) is significantly improved

Advantages :

+ Cost and energy savings
+ Increased energy usage efficiency (PUE)
+ Longer-lasting IT equipment
+ Higher availability level (SLA)
+ Reduced carbon dioxide emissions into the environment
+ Excellent return on investment
+ Decreased hot spots

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