Every summer, livestock farmers are confronted with problems caused by heat shock:

– a significant reduction in the animals’ feed intake, slowing down weight gain,
– a reduction in milk yield,
– a reduction in egg production,
– an increase in the incidence of disease and mortality.

All these factors result in significant losses for producers. Mist cooling of sheds is an excellent solution to these problems.

The technology does not pose any health risks to the animals.

Temperature control

Fresh air

Insect control

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Heat stress is a growing problem in poultry farms. On the hottest summer days, existing ventilation systems often struggle to prevent mortality. High ambient temperatures lead to poorer growth rates, reduced egg yields and, in extreme cases, mortality.



Heat stress is a significant risk for cows. Rising temperatures can cause problems such as reduced feed intake and reproductive stress. Ditusz’s AGRO mist cooling systems manage heat stress by reducing temperatures in both indoor and outdoor dairy environments. Durable and efficient, these evaporative cooling systems enable efficient cooling of cows in dairy farms by controlling environmental parameters.



In the pig farming industry, mist cooling systems increase the appetite of pigs and pregnant sows, and improve the quality of lactation during lactation. It also increases litter weight at weaning, increases the size of future litters and allows sows to recover more quickly. High-pressure mist cooling also improve fertility, sperm quality in sows and significantly reduce infertility in boars.


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