In the pig industry, evaporative cooling systems increase the appetite of pigs and pregnant sows and improve the quality of lactation during lactation. It also increases litter weight at weaning, increases the size of future litters and allows sows to recover more quickly. High-pressure mist cooling also improve fertility, sperm quality in sows and significantly reduce infertility in boars.

For piglets, evaporative cooling improves the housing and living conditions from weaning onwards. This improves profitability and reduces time to market. The mortality rate is significantly reduced at all stages of pig production.

Feeding behavior is significantly influenced and altered by increased heat stress. Animals eat less food, resulting in weight loss in fattening pigs and lower milk production in sows. Naturally, this imbalance is reflected in smaller pigs and piglets, making them more vulnerable and exposed to disease.

Fresh air, odour limitation

Temperature control

Weight loss prevention


All of this causes serious damage to the animals and a significant economic loss to the farmer who sees the value of his daily investment reduced. Our high pressure mist cooling/humidification systems, thanks to controlled dosing systems, also allow the spraying of the active ingredients needed to clean and disinfect the animals, drastically reducing administration and labor costs and optimizing processing times.

Not every animal facility or situation is the same, so each project requires a unique design to ensure the best cooling environment. We will work with you to design the most efficient mist cooling system to meet your needs. To maintain a cool, dry and comfortable environment, our technology achieves this by continuously and evenly dispersing the mist.

Benefits :
+ Lower temperature
+ Better appetite, higher meat yield
+ Cleaner air, less contamination and pathogens
+ No unpleasant odors
+ Fewer insects, calmer flock
+ Fewer deaths from heat stress

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