Few activities are better on a nice day than sitting outside on the patio with family or friends. Whether it’s for a barbecue, a few drinks or watching the sunset, the terrace is a great place for social gatherings or family reunions. However, in the hotter months, the heat on the terrace is not always pleasant and can force you indoors.Insect repellence, dust and odour control is not only useful in the hospitality industry or for a pleasant outdoor leisure time, it can also provide benefit in various industrial areas.

Our customers have successfully applied our technology in areas where there was a need to exclude insects (and dust, odours etc.) but without the possibility of separating the indoor space from the outdoor. E.g. forklift truck access, loading area with tape curtains, artificial flooring production where insects and bugs stuck in the product were a problem etc.

Insect repellence

Efficient cooling

Cleaner air


Our patio cooling systems are efficient reducing the temperature, but not only the excessive heat can cause discomfort. In addition to the cooling effect of water misting, our systems also keep insects at bay and significantly reduce the effects of airborne dust and unpleasant environmental odours.

The microscopic droplets of water sprayed by the system stick to the insects, immobilizing them. Membranous winged insects (e.g. bees, wasps, mosquitoes and flies) avoid areas protected by a mist system. Misting also helps to keep infested areas free of dust, smoke or unpleasant odours.

Benefits :
+ Cleaner air
+ Repelling insects
+ Odour control
+ Beneficial cooling effect
+ Dust binding

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Case study:

Artificial flooring manufacturing without unwanted "materials"

Our client faced a problem during the production of their products where insufficient pest control resulted in flies, mosquitoes, and insects landing and sticking to the partially solidified products. This led to an exceptionally high defect rate, causing direct financial loss.

Strip curtains, roller door closing films, and swinging doors did not provide adequate solutions to keep insects away. By installing misting systems with sprinkler pipes above the doors providing access to external areas and other traffic areas, the previous problem was immediately resolved, and the defect rate drastically reduced.