High-pressure spray humidification and evaporative cooling is an extremely versatile technology. Environmentally friendly and economically viable humidification and cooling solutions are increasingly needed to replace conventional air conditioning. Due to their efficiency and fast payback time, many areas are replacing outdated and obsolete solutions with high pressure misting technology. Discover in what other areas we can provide solutions for your cooling and humidification needs.

Controlled humidity

Significant cooling effect

Economical operation

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Commercial humidification

For both consumers and traders, it is important that the fruit and vegetables for sale are displayed aesthetically and visibly on the counter. The customer will be more selective and satisfied. The trader can increase turnover and expect satisfied customers to return again. However, displaying product, especially where the ambient is climate-controlled, may result in a steady loss of water content, weight, flavor, freshness, appearance and saleability. Commercial humidification can be a solution to this problem.


Hospitality HORECA

During the hot summer months, the terraces of restaurants and cafés are the most popular places to be. But when the temperature reaches 30°C or more, these terraces are almost unenjoyable without refrigeration. To retain guests and extend “patio hours” during the heatwave, mist cooling is an effective solution.


Event cooling

For corporate and other events, celebrations and presentations, a cool spring breeze is a refreshing relief in the heat. Even the best organized event can be ruined by stifling heat. Nobody likes sweat on their back, not to mention the increasingly common health effects of extreme heat stress, headaches, dizziness, etc.


Duct humidification

In many cases, although there is a need for humidification or its cooling effect, it is not always possible to install a humidification system alongside existing machinery, production lines or other installed equipment. Where an air handling infrastructure is already in place, our solutions can be easily integrated with existing air handling systems.


Insect repellence

There are few activities that feel better on a nice day than sitting outside on the terrace with family or friends. However, the presence of insects can easily force you indoors. Humidification can also be a solution to this problem. Insect repellence however can also provide industrial or business benefits.


Mist disinfection

The cleanliness of our living environment is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a prerequisite for human health. Our aim is to protect human health and the cleanliness of the environment, the workplace, without negative impacts on people or the natural environment. Humidification has been shown to be able to bind and settle microscopic pathogenic elements in the air, thus purifying the air. By adding an environmentally friendly sterilizing agent, large and even open spaces can be safely and effectively disinfected.


Data room

The proliferation of the Internet and the use of cloud computing solutions has contributed to an increase in the design and construction of data centers. Large data centers generate a lot of heat and therefore require a significant amount of cooling capacity. High-pressure humidification systems, in addition to their extremely favorable energy balance, have the additional effect of significantly reducing the risk of electrostatic discharges.


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