Ensuring proper working conditions for employees working in a hot shop environment requires cooling of the work area. Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Above a certain temperature, it is mandatory to take hourly breaks, among other things, and work cannot continue at higher temperatures. The detailed regulations are laid down in the EHS Act.

In many cases, cooling the entire production hall is not feasible and would be very expensive. Conventional air conditioning systems are out of the question. However, it is possible to create cooler zones in the work area where workers spend most of their time by means of evaporative cooling (5 – 10 Cº). Evaporative cooling not only reduces the temperature, but also improves thermal comfort.

Temperature control

Significant cooling effect

Healthier working conditions


Ditusz Ltd. Its proprietary equipment and systems, microprocessor-based control devices and remote monitoring system under the Di-MistAir® brand provide solutions to typical problems. We design and supply solutions, not just equipment, taking into account local conditions and circumstances.

Benefits :
– Higher concentration ability
– Less waste
– Less lost working time

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