Our systems are highly automated. We continuously collect and process the necessary environmental parameters to control the desired humidity, which are then stored. Based on the collected parameters, real-time graphical information, reports and even email-based incident reports can be generated. These capabilities contribute greatly to a simpler and less human-intensive operation. To ensure long-term safe and high availability operation, we have a skilled team of experts to support you with your maintenance and service needs.

Real-time information

Performance monitoring

High availability

Data warehouse

DITUSZ Ltd’s humidification and mist cooling equipment is equipped with data acquisition systems using the latest technological solutions. The central controller continuously collects and transmits real-time information generated in the field and archives it on the data warehouse server.
+ Continuous information backup of production data
+ Possibility of audit controls
+ Incident investigation logs



Data from the data acquisition system installed by DITUSZ Ltd is periodically uploaded to a data processing server. On this server, alarm thresholds, alarm recipients, and alarm profiles can be set for each measured data in a monitoring application interface. Our systems also have artificial intelligence-based failure prediction algorithms for some of their main components.


E-mail alert

Our humidification and evaporative cooling systems can send an email notification when a measured environmental parameter is outside the limits in a measurement zone, according to the collected data and preset limits and profiles. With this incident alerting solution, unexpected events can be managed with high security, increasing production and process safety.



Although we try to make our solutions as maintenance-free as possible to ensure continued usability, failures do still occur. The number of unexpected failures can be significantly reduced by adhering to the prescribed preventing maintenance requirements within a given operating hour, with particular attention to consumable and wear parts.



We know that our partners not only want to maximize their revenues, but also minimize their costs by using advanced technologies. To this end, we are constantly working to meet our customers’ expectations of doing their jobs safely, with minimum downtime and without compromising production.



The solution of humidification and mist cooling tasks always begins with assessing the unique customer needs. There are hardly two identical customer requirements, but significant differences may also occur in the circumstances and available conditions. We don’t just want customers; we want satisfied customers. To achieve this, we strive to thoroughly assess the expectations and what we can offer, and then find the optimal solution. Although our technology is extremely versatile, if the customer’s interest requires it, we can also propose alternative solutions.


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