Areas of application

We specialise in solving air conditioning and humidification tasks that cannot be solved with conventional air conditioning and humidification equipment, or can only be solved in a complex and costly way.

Industrial Humidification

Technological Humidification, Electrostatic Discharge , ESD, Dust, odor damage material binding, +1 more

Industrial mist cooling

Air conditioning, hall cooling, workplace cooling

Crop production

Greenhouse humidification/cooling, cold storage humidification, mushroom house humidification/cooling


Poultry, cattle, pigs

Other applications

Commercial humidification, catering, event cooling, +4 more


year experience




work hour


Kw savings

About us

Our fundamental goal is to develop efficient, low energy, automated humidification and mist cooling systems that help our customers to run their daily processes economically and without wasting and damaging environmental resources, while ensuring healthy working conditions. We believe in using all our knowledge to ensure that each human activity uses only the resources strictly necessary to carry it out.


System components, products

Our systems and solutions are always tailored to the specific needs of the humidification and/or evaporative cooling area, taking into account technical, feasibility, operational and economic requirements. The systems implemented are highly scalable and can be adapted to changing business circumstances. All our systems are characterised by a high degree of automation, maintenance and drip-free operation.



Our systems are characterised by a high degree of automation. To control the desired humidity, we continuously collect and process the necessary environmental parameters, which are then stored.

Data warehouse, Remote monitoring, E-mail alerting, Maintenance, Service, Consulting