The efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is greatly affected by the warming of the ambient temperature due to climate change. The condensers in the equipment are designed to dissipate the heat produced by the air conditioner, but the capacity of the condensers is often undersized due to changing climatic conditions.

The air conditioner starts to operate at a lower efficiency, energy consumption increases and cooling capacity decreases. In extreme cases, the internal pressure of the refrigerant in the condenser increases to the point where the unit stops working.

In the absence of a better solution, maintenance staff try to deal with the problem by watering the condensers. This method is prohibitively wasteful, as it causes a large amount of water to be lost, while providing little cooling to the condensers. Another major disadvantage is that untreated water can damage the heat transfer surfaces (causing scale deposits), which further increases maintenance and repair costs and ultimately leads to the replacement of the equipment. The solution may be to expand or replace the cooling equipment, but this is a significantly large investment.

Significant cooling effect

Lower operating temperature

Significant cost savings


Ditusz Ltd’s AC ECO climate efficiency enhancement technology, using evaporative cooling, cools the refrigerant air drawn through the condensers. This allows the equipment to operate at a more favorable operating point, reducing energy consumption and increasing cooling capacity.

On the hottest days, AC equipment can stay live and cooling of the building and technology is not interrupted. This means that equipment can continue to operate without major investment. Where there is no problem with equipment capacity, energy saving aspects come to the fore. Ditusz Ltd. Di-MistAir® AC ECO can increase AC efficiency and, under the right conditions, achieve electricity savings of up to 12-20%.

Operators of newly installed chillers are in a better position. They (usually) have sufficient cooling capacity, although energy consumption is also significantly increased. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to apply evaporative cooling to new chillers because of the significant energy savings.
Benefits :

+ Reduced frequency of breakdowns, maintenance and repairs
+ Increased equipment lifetime due to reduced stress
+ Reduction of condenser pressure means less downtime
+ Lower energy consumption, significant savings
+ No loss of revenue due to downtime
+ Increased cooling capacity
– Keeping undersized chillers alive – delay investments

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